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Plunket is a national not-for-profit organisation and New Zealand’s largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of tamariki and whānau.

Many of us have personal experience with the work Plunket does. Amazing support for parents, looking after the wellbeing of young children, Plunketline advice 24 hours a day for any concerns a parent might have are just some of the things which Plunket does.  They provide a fantastic service in NZ and Downtown Dental is proud to support the work they do.

To learn more about Plunket or perhaps make a donation yourself go to

The Special Children's Christmas Party

Every year around NZ these special Christmas parties are held. The kids invited suffer from one of the following: life threatening illness, physical and intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or living in underprivileged circumstances.  In Auckland the party is hosted in Starship Hospital.

Downtown Dental is proud to have been a sponsor for this event every year since it started about 15 years ago.

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IHC advocate for the rights, inclusion and welfare of all people with intellectual disabilities and support them to live satisfying lives in the community.  They do an amazing job which some members of the staff at Downtown Dental can personally attest to so we are proud to support the work IHC does.  You can find out more at

Cancer Society


Cancer in some way affects the lives of everyone whether it be personally or through someone we know.  Downtown Dental is proud to support the Cancer Society and the work they do helping those affected by cancer.

Christians Against Poverty


Christans Against Poverty is an organisation whose heart and mission is to work to release New Zealanders from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes.  It is part of a global organisation which achieves this by partnering with local churches to run programs to educate and support people to develop the financial skills to escape the grip of poverty.

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