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Downtown Dental at the Auckland Food Show 2019

No, Downtown Dental didn’t have a stand at the Food Show lol.  Actually on 27th July my family and I decided as a bit of a spur of the moment to go for the afternoon to check out the Auckland Food Show at ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane.  It was our first time going to one of these and it was impressive.  Huge and busy would be the two words which spring to mind.  Clearly it wasn’t going to be a leisurely afternoon stroll and we had to move pretty quick to have a chance of even looking at half the exhibitor stands present let alone the shows and demonstrations.

I’m sure many of you have been before so I won’t go into the details of the experience we had as noobs to the event suffice to say it was a great afternoon.  However as a dentist I think I had a bit of an interesting perspective of things which I thought I’d share.

I don’t claim to be an expert, not even a foodie really, but it seems a major trend in nutrition currently is the idea that we should really reduce the carbs in the diet. Atkins, LCHF, keto etc etc.  Us dentists are very happy with this since we know that carbs are the fuel which dental plaque metabolises to create the acids which cause tooth decay.  Theoretically if no carbs or at least no sugars were to get into our mouths there would be virtually no tooth decay and I’d be out of a job.  So while wandering around the show it was interesting to spot the teeth friendly foods.

Firstly I bumped into some friends of Downtown Dental, the people at VitalZing.  VitalZing is a NZ company and the inventors of Water Drops.  Water Drops are a “water enhancer” which is basically a flavouring liquid which you add to water to give it some taste.  It contains only natural ingredients (nothing artificial), crisp fruit flavours, no preservatives and no colouring and best of all, no sugar.  The naturally occurring sweetener Stevia (which is derived from a plant which grows in South America) gives some sweetness to the flavouring.  This is great for those people who want to drink more water but just find it boring or don’t like the taste of it.  A few drops of Water Drops in your water and suddenly you are getting a lovely but subtle mango or lemon-lime or mandarin taste (or whichever of their flavours tickles your fancy) but with virtually no calories and nothing which will promote the growth of your dental plaque.  I’ve seen their products in the major supermarkets if you want to try.  For more info their website is

Next I spotted a stand for a bakery making a “keto low carb bread”.  This bread is 0.7g net carbs per serving (2 slices)!! We sampled some and no it doesn’t taste like cardboard.  It’s actually pretty good.  Of course it doesn’t taste like white sandwich bread either but it was quite yum and could easily substitute for normal bread in sandwiches and the like.  This 0.7g of carbs business is incredible really.  Normal bread is something like over 25g carbs per serving (around 50%).  Well done Home St Bakeworks.  I’m going to buy a loaf to try real soon but in the meantime I bought a couple of their keto low carb pizza bases.  If anyone is interested you can message me on Facebook and I can update how I went with the pizza bases there.  Otherwise here is the link to their website where you can order their products online  Also I’m pretty sure I’ve seen their products in the supermarkets and places like Farro.

The final stand at the show I will mention is where I spotted the people from Aquapick NZ.  Someone else apart from me can see the link between food and teeth!  There seemed to be a lot of interest in their stand which was great to see given they had no edible goodies to sample.  They sell a fantastic waterflosser which is basically a device you keep in your bathroom which shoots a jet of water powerful enough to knock food debris and plaque off your teeth.  It works really well in tight nooks and crannies where your toothbrush won’t fit such as between the teeth and around orthodontic braces.  Made in Korea the Aquapick units are good quality with good water pressure.  If they sounds like something you might be interested in you can find out more at or else talk to one of us in the practice next time you are in.

And those were my dental highlights of the Auckland Food Show 2019.  Of course I tried all sorts of other new and delicious food and drink options which were probably not quite so good for your teeth. All in all it was a worthwhile outing.  We will seriously consider going next year except plan it a bit better.  In the meantime I’ll be continuing to try to cut down my carb intake which is now just a bit easier after getting some ideas from this year’s Food Show.

Disclaimer: Myself nor Downtown Dental have any affiliation financial or otherwise with the Food Show or any of the products or products mentioned above.


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