Emergency & after hours dentistry in Auckland


If you are searching for an emergency or after hours dentist in the central Auckland City CBD area then Downtown Dental has the expertise and experience and is equipped to handle a wide variety of dental emergency situations such as:


  • severe “couldn’t sleep last night” toothache
  • hot and/or cold sensitive teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • dislodged caps or crown
  • damaged veneers
  • broken fillings
  • swollen gums
  • damaged dentures
  • wisdom teeth problems

We are registered with ACC to provide dental treatment when teeth are damaged by accident (conditions apply). Please note we are not a hospital facility so cannot deal with more serious injuries such as broken jaws and facial lacerations.  For these situations you should contact emergency services by calling 111.

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Tourists and Visitors to Auckland

With our location in the central Auckland CBD, Downtown Dental is often the choice for tourists and visitors to Auckland for their emergency dental treatment needs.  We understand you are away from home and it is usually only in a dire emergency that you need to see someone who is not your regular dentist.  We promise to take care of you just like you are one of our regular patients as we know it can be a little scary seeing someone new and in a place you may never have been before.  We also know you are probably on a tight travel schedule and can usually see  you within 1 business day of contacting us.

If you decide to see us under these circumstances what we will do is get you in asap and perform an assessment of your immediate problem.  This will include a visual assessment of what has happened and usually an xray to see areas we can’t see directly.  Then once we’ve figured out what the issue is, we will discuss our findings and tell you what treatment options are available.  Usually this ranges from the bare essential treatment needed to stabilise the problem or alleviate the pain up to a more permanent fix.  Often patients opt for the minimum required to ensure they can continue their travels with the least chance of more problems and then see their own dentist when they get home for more comprehensive treatment.  We are always happy to correspond with your regular dentist to pass on the details of what treatment you had with us.

We also provide whatever paperwork is necessary to help you successfully claim from your travel insurance if this is an option.  You can be confident we will do the best for you while you are away from home.  In fact we are a preferred emergency dental provider in Auckland for several organisations such as the Japanese Seamans’ Medical Affairs Corporation (JSMAC), numerous hotels in central Auckland and virtually all of the cruise lines which come to Auckland.




Cruise ship passengers and crew

We are located about 5 minutes walk up the main street of Auckland from Auckland’s cruise ship terminal so very convenient for cruise ship passengers and crew.  We work closely with the port agents for the majority of shipping companies who use the Ports of Auckland including virtually all the cruise ship companies
– P&O, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Cunard, Celebrity, Crystal Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Yachts of Seabourne, Costa Cruises plus more

If you have an emergency and would like some advice on what you can do while at sea then please feel free to email us at info@www.downtowndental.co.nz

Crew should consult with their ship’s doctor who will arrange through the appropriate port agent for you to see us.  Each cruise ship company has different conditions as to what treatment they will cover and what treatments you will need to pay for yourself.  Ideally you should clarify this with your ship’s medical staff prior to seeing us.

Passengers should also arrange an appointment with us via the ship’s medical team and the local port agent.  This is not compulsory and you can arrange an appointment with us yourself by simply contacting us directly but we recommend going through the ship as they will then know where you are when ashore and just in case there is some sort of delay (which we have never had before but just in case) then the ship won’t assume you are simply late and leave without you.  Additionally the service we provide for the cruise ships is 7 days a week with prior arrangement with the port agent.