Dental Orthodontics


Reasons for having your teeth straightened are as individual as the treatment available. It can be to fix the bad bite which is damaging your teeth, or to even the teeth out so you can clean them properly, or purely for cosmetic reasons. Maybe you are self conscious about that ‘fang’ which sticks out or maybe it just bugs you how those two front teeth cross over slightly.

When people think of Dental Orthodontics the first thing they think of is braces. at Downtown Dental we understand that having metal railway tracks in your mouth is not always practical in today’s environment, especially for people dealing with clients and the public day-to-day. Luckily, at the cutting edge of dental technology are several innovations which can make your orthodontic treatment as barely noticeable as possible.

We have many options available to straighten your teeth without looking like Ugly Betty or that guy from the James Bond movies. These include Invisalign, traditional metal braces, clear or white braces, removable plates, self-ligating braces and sometimes we plan combination treatments utilising multiple treatment modalities to achieve the best combination of aesthetics, speedy treatment and comfort.  We treat children and adults and the majority of our cases are treated without the extraction of teeth to make space.