The Carifree System


At Downtown Dental we have implemented the Carifree System which represents the cutting edge of preventative tooth decay. Using a simple, yet accurate system of microbiological testing, we are now able to determine how “at risk” a person is to dental decay or dental caries. Some people, no matter how well they clean their teeth, are simply more prone to getting holes in their teeth than other people. Dental researchers recently confirmed that a major factor in why this happens is the type of bacteria which a person has in their mouth. Some people have more aggressive bacteria and the Carifree system is able to detect if your bacteria are of this type. We can then prescribe a special mouthwash treatment to eliminate those bacteria plus have an accurate testing method to make sure the treatment is working. This is a major advance in helping people who just always seem to get cavities no matter how well they brush & floss.

For more detailed infomation check out the Carifree website

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