Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation


This is basically where an approach is taken to plan and provide dental treatment taking into account the big picture rather than focusing on one tooth at a time. By planning to treat the entire mouth, we can ensure that treatment for one tooth does not compromise another and wholesale changes such as altering the way the teeth bite together can be planned and designed into the dental work. In some cases where the majority of teeth are broken down, this is a far better way to approach fixing things up. Not all the dental work in a full mouth rehabilitation needs to be done in one big go but it certainly is best if the whole treatment is planned from the beginning then broken into stages.

Being able to plan such complex treatment, taking into account every single factor ranging from speech, to aesthetics and from jaw muscle comfort to chewing efficiency requires a dentist with extensive training and attention to detail. Dr Tiang has travelled to Seattle to train with Dr John Kois, a specialist in full mouth rehabilitation to study and learn about planning these complex treatments to ensure that the results he obtains look great and last a long time and are comfortable. Especially important is the ability to plan to stage treatment in more manageable chunks (both timewise and financially) so the end result is obtained without compromise but in a manner which the patient is able to manage more easily.